Thursday, May 12, 2005


Lots Road Power Station

In his book, Donald mentions plans to demolish Lots Road power station. A development consortium has submitted plans for a £500M redevelopment of the Power Station and the Chelsea Creek area. This scheme retains the shell of the powerhouse but adds two huge high rises either side of Chelsea Creek and nine smaller residential blocks. The locals are up in arms

Hi I was very interested in your Blog on Lots Rd Power station.I am a student journalist and doing one of my assignments, a news feature, on Lots RD Power Station.I would like to hear an array of peoples views and was wondering if I may have yours please. Do you think the Lots Rd new development is a good idea? What impace do you whitnk it will have to the area? Do you think the area can benefit from it? And how do u feel abotu Sloane Square being changed?
Thank You Eva (
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