Tuesday, February 28, 2006


More about the Cinema

Some more information from Dad:

"I remember the Sally Army building, it was next to the passage by the pub. I remember the soup kitchen, it became my job after to go and collect a jug full for a penny. I vaguely remember seeing slide shows there but I think that was after the Sally Army took it over. The soup was very welcome once a week when the money and food run out. I think the slogan was right up to date 'the coolest hall in Chelsea'."

If you blow the image up, you can read the Proprietor's names, "W. Rees and S.Leven" Does anyone remember who they were? Perhaps one was the fearsome character Uncle Bob desribes. It would be interesting to know whether they had a connection with the Cremorne Gardens or other Chelsea enterprises.


The Cremorne Cinema

Uncle Bob has scanned this priceless artifact for us, I will let him provide the description:

"Gary, I know you will be more than interested in this very old Poster. I have had it many years but can't remember how it came into my possesion. Its age can only be guessed at. I can well remember going there on a Saturday morning when it was only for kids. After you bought your ticket you walked through a Curtain and immediately on your right, on a brick wall was the film!. A man who frightened us to death keept us in good order. Apart from the usual Cowboys, one film I well remember was Gorden Harker, a well known actor of the day, he played the part of a police inspector, after a Gang who all had a Frog tattooed on their arm, so the film was called "The Mark of The Frog". This went on for many weeks so we had to go every saturday, in the end the Gang leader proved to be . . . Gorden Harker !!!
Long befor the War started the Cinema closed down and became, without much alteration, the Salvation Army Citidel. Many a Saturday I was sent there with a big jug for a penny worth of soup which was full of meat and helped to fill our bellies.
Ah me, those were the days."

Friday, February 17, 2006


More Pictures

Our Uncle Bob, Robert Hartwell, has scanned in these photos from his album. The centre and right-hand pictures were taken outside Guinness Trust. Click on the image for a bigger version and to read the captions.

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